Erotic Hypnosis is amazingly seductive and pleasurable. We will be adding some professionally recorded sessions in the future based on the results of the poll below so go ahead and vote. Here are a few individuals that provide real time erotic hypnosis as well.

  1. Hypnosdc – Hypnosis for Gay and Bisexual Men
  2. Morpheus Weaver of Dreams – Mind Bending Hypnosis
  3. Master Thunder – Forced Gay Hypnosis

Erotic Hypnosis on Amazon

In the meantime, you can create your own titles easily. Check out this video and the material below on how to do it. Imagine what erotic subjects you will use in your hypnotic sessions.


Try it for yourself with this brief hypnotic induction

Gay Erotic Hypnosis Induction

Hypnotic Induction

Imagine the Possibilities of How the Rest of This Erotic Hypnosis Session Will Go!

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How to Create Your Own Erotic Hypnosis Titles For Extreme Pleasure

Look Into My EyesErotic Hypnosis titles for the gay man are not easy to find. Since the poll so far says that erotic hypnosis subjects are leading, I will concentrate on these types of titles. I will create some really great erotic hypnosis titles in the future but I would like some input on where to start. Please comment as to what subject areas you would like to see for erotic session.

I will also show you how to create you own erotic sessions if you so desire. I will be updating this page regularly and will base it on the desires of my readers so please provide your desires and check back regularly.

Learn Hypnotism To Create an Amazing Session

The first skill you will want to learn for creating hypnotic sessions that are erotic is the ability to induce a trance and then use hypnotic suggestions that will help you create the ultimate erotic experience for yourself or even your willing partner. The reason is if you want to really create an amazing hypnosis session, you will need to understand how to put yourself in a trance. If you cannot get yourself into a trance like state, then you will not really achieve erotic hypnosis bliss. Check out the article on learning hypnosis which discusses how to create a trance for your self or for others.

Write An Erotic Script and Record It

The next step is to write a script which will include an erotic induction and a story that is worded in a way to goes to your subconscious mind to create erotic bliss. The story is the easy part. You can just use whatever fantasies you have and create a good story to use in your hypnotic session. It is the hypnotic induction that is key. It needs to be designed in a way that will induce a trance but it also should be erotic as well. I will create an erotic induction example in a day or two so check back if you need help with this step. Once you have created your seductive and erotic script, you will want to practice it a few times to make sure it flows. Then you will want to record it. You can use your computer and Audacity (free) to do this step.

Record Your Own Session

Add Some Trance Inducing Music

Once you have recorded your script, you will want to add some music and I would recommend binaural beat type music for this because it will help to induce the trance and add to your pleasure. My favorite is a title called All Natural High which can really put your mind into a great state to receive pleasure. You can also download some other titles from the following sources to help you create the perfect erotic hypnosis session.

  1. All Natural High
  2. Noise Colors
  3. Sonic Vitamins
  4. Binaural Beat CDs

Another option is to just use whatever type of music you like to listen to when you want to have an erotic session. My favorite type of music is trance music but again that is just a personal preference, you can use whatever type of music you like.

To add music to your track using Audacity, you just need to click on the FILE Tab, then Import. Select the binaural beats Mp3 you just purchased and it will add it to your recording. If the music track is shorter than you erotic hypnosis script, you can add it again and them move it to end of the first music track.

Adding Music To Your Track

If the music is clip is longer than the recorded script, you will need to select the portion of the music beyond the script. Then just select edit and cut to remove it.

Select The Extra Music

You can then export it to a MP3 and either download it to a MP3 player or create a CD. To export to an MP3, you will need an additional piece of software which is explained here.  It really is that easy to create your own hypnotic session to be used to create a pleasurable and erotic experience.

Note: I will be updating this page with more instructions and video examples of exactly how to do this shortly so if you are looking to create a erotic session please check back.

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