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Hypnosis TrainingHypnosis training may be the way to go if you really want some great gay hypnosis sessions. Again due to the lack of good titles on the market, you may find that it is better to make your own. You can make your own titles for self improvement like attracting men or just for erotic pleasure. The best part about learning hypnosis is that you can create whatever you want. There are no limits. Imagine what titles you will create for yourself when you learn how to do hypnosis. How erotic will you make your sessions.

The problem you believe that learning hypnosis is difficult and expensive. Actually you can learn hypnosis pretty easily, quickly and at a low cost. This is why hypnosis training is a great option for you to create some titles that are oriented towards gay men. The best program out there for an aspiring self hypnotist is called the Secrets of Real Hypnosis. You will learn how to hypnotize yourself and others in minutes. It also teaches you conversational hypnosis where you control peoples thoughts just by talking with them. Imagine what you could do with that power.

Imagine What You Will Do With This Newly Learned Skill After You Purchase this Hypnosis Training.

Lets discuss a few options that you will be able to do with this training program.

  1. Seduction – either by creating a self hypnosis session or thru conversational hypnosis
  2. Aquire better dating skills
  3. Aquire Better Sexual Skills
  4. Penis Enlargement
  5. Hypnotize Others Instantly
  6. Create Your Own Erotic Sessions
  7. Hypnotize a Group of People
  8. Persuade Others To Do What You Want
  9. Establish Rapport With Others

Visualize how you will use these skills when you purchase the Secrets of Real Hypnosis

Example of How to Use this Hypnosis Training To Date More Hot Men

hot gay menLet me share with you an example of how to put this into action. The first step is to learn how to create a hypnotic trance and also how to properly use suggestions. This material is covered in this instructional program. Then you will want to create a script of the induction and positive affirmations that you want to use in your session. You will then want to practice your script a few times so that it flows out naturally and once you feel like you got it down, you can record it. You will then use a program like Audacity (free) to add some background music. You can use whatever music you like but for maximum effect you should purchase some high quality binaural beat music to help supercharge your results in training your self to date attractive hunks.  Then all you need to do is export it to an MP3. You can then create a CD or download it to an MP3. Listen to it daily and you will be on your way to attracting amazing guys that will not be able to keep their hands off you.

You will then want to study the section on covert hyposis. It will teach you how to hypnotize others instantly just be using conversation. You can then use your langauage to seduce the men of your dreams. You will basically learn how to create rapport with them and then use your language to seduce them to do what you want them to do. Combining self hypnosis with conversational hypnosis is a very powerful technique because you changing not only your subconscious mind to do as you desire but also the subconscious mind of the guy your are trying to pick up. Imagine what you will use your new self hypnosis skills for.

Example of How to Use This Hypnotic Training To Create a Stimulating Erotic Session

You can also use this information to create a self inducing erotic session for you sexual enjoyment. You will basically do the same steps as for the self hypnosis session but instead of positive affirmations you will just create an erotic story that will be played out in your mind while you are in a trance like state. You will use what you learned about inducing trance-like states to create an erotically themed induction. You will then use what you learned about affirmations and apply them to creating an erotic story with a happy ending.  I would definitely use binaural beat type music for your background music in these sessions. One of my favorites is All Natural High which can really put you in a erotic mood. If you are having trouble coming up with a story just search online for some and use them to create your erotic session

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One thing that you might have trouble with is creating scripts. If you need help with your scripts you can purchase some cheaply from a company called Hypnosis Scripts

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