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Gay Subliminal Software that can be used to help you attract hot men or help you to achieve what ever you desire is at your finger tips. This amazing gay subliminal software is called Subliminal Power. As you have probably discovered, the problem with gay hypnosis is that is difficult to find anything that is geared toward the gay man. This is what makes this software so great. You can create your own affirmations to help you attract whatever you desire in your life. In this example, we are going to create messages that will help to attract men so that we can date hot guys.

Remember though, you can create whatever messages for whatever you want. Imagine the possibilities. Visualize what you will try and attract in your life and then imagine how wonderful you life will be when you achieve that goal or desire.

Imagine The Hot Men You Will Attract When You Purchase This Gay Subliminal Software Today

Here is how it works. Lets start out easy and just try and attract our soul mate. Open Subliminal Power and then click on the Attract a Soul Mate Program.

Gay Subliminal Software

What this program does is take the affirmations listed in the selected program and then will display them on you computer subliminally. You do not even know they are being show. So as you are working on your computer you are attracting hot men or what ever you desire.

After you select the desired program, you can adjust the settings if you want to. You can have the affirmations shown randomly on the different parts of the screen, centered on the screen, randomly in an active window or centered in an active window.

The contrast option allows you to adjust the contrast of the message versus the screen. What that means is basically you can set how easy it is to see the flashing affirmations. The lower the contrast, the less likely you are to see the message flash.  You can then set the time between when the messages are shown and for how long the messages are shown. I normally leave these in the default position because I assume the software developer has picked the most effective settings.

Subliminal Power Settings

Once you have set the settings, you can then add music if you would like to. This is not required but the music is at 60 bpm which is designed to help your mind enter an alpha state where you are more susceptible to affirmations and suggestions. Most people do not use this feature because they are using it while they work or maybe at home with people around but it is an option that can be used if you wish.

If you would like to really supercharge the effects of this program, you could add some background music or noise that is designed to put your mind into a high state of trance where you are the most susceptible to suggestions. This will help to create the maximum amount results towards achieving your dreams and desires. Most of this music is based on binaural beats or other types of brainwave inducing music. Here are a few options you should check out to find some really good back ground music.

  1. All Natural High
  2. Noise Colors
  3. Sonic Vitamins
  4. Binaural Beat CDs



The next step is to select the “Automatically start with Windows” so that every time you turn your computer on your messages will flash at you. This will ensure maximum results because the more you see the messages, the more effective they are.

Click Auto Start

Then all you need to do is click ok and you will be attracting your soul mate in no time. It really is that easy. It takes about 1 minute to set it up and then it runs on autopilot.

Click OK

This Powerful Gay Subliminal Software Allows You To Create Subliminal Messages For Exactly What You Desire

Now you are probably wondering how is that gay hypnosis related. It is only a general way to attract a soul mate. Well here is the good part. You can change the messages so they are exactly what you want. So lets say that you want to attract gay men.

Here Are The Easy Step to Create Your Customized Messages

You can easily modify one of the programs to do this. You just click on the title of the program that is the closely related to what you are trying to achieve. Since you are trying to attract a gay man in this example, you will select the one that is for females to attract men. You will click on the actual title, not where you select the program and then click the edit button. Then look through the affirmations and change the ones that do not fit. You can also add your own affirmations if you want to attract something specific. After you are done, click on the File Button, and then the Save As to create a new file. Then select that file and select OK and you will be attracting men in now time.

Edit a Session

Imagine what you really want to achieve or attract for a moment. Really see what you want in great and vivid detail. Now make a list of affirmations that is specific to exactly what you imagined. The best part of this software is that you can make a subliminal session based on exactly what you desire. All you need to do is click on the new tab, add in the list of affirmations you just created and then save the file, select it and then click OK. You will be on the path to getting exactly what you want. Imagine how great your life will be when you achieve this.

Add Your Own Affirmations

So what are you waiting for, start attracting hot men or what ever your goals are and get Subliminal Power Today. Imagine the Possibilities.

Click Here To Get Subliminal Power Today!

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